Community Engagement – Field Trip


Our model is to support bottom-up change through our network of grassroots organisations and pioneering individuals working towards a wilder future. Depending on the brief we will bring together a diverse blend from the community so that we can hear their stories, find out what makes them tick, the challenges they face and successes they have had.  We’ll use a range of creative mediums, from interviews, films and photography to capture their stories which will form a unique collection of insights to inspire you and your audience to learn from their experiences, take action, form collaborations or try new initiatives.

Our community engagement will help you:

  • Traditional forms of community and engagement and insight tend to reach a narrow audience and don’t unearth real innovations or drive true engagement. We will engage and connect you with a truly diverse audience base giving you a unique method of harvesting insights into the ways that communities are getting more Wild Time.
  • Create better ideas for how you can develop and create new and impactful solutions directly with and for communities of parents and grassroots Wild Time instigators.

Work with us to harness our collective creativity to shift our behaviours and create a new normal of a wild childhood for our children and our communities.

How would you like to be involved?
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