Back to school the wild way with Outdoor Classroom Day

Back to polished shoes and combed hair

Back to long trousers

Back to sitting down, sitting still

Back to the treadmill

Back to homework

Back to early nights, and early mornings

Back inside

Back to school

It doesn’t have to be this way

We’re increasingly seeing evidence that shows that an overwhelming majority of parents want more outside play for their child. Last week a new report from Public Health Wales revealed that almost all parents in Wales (97 per cent) think it is important for their child to play outdoors every day.

It’s not just for play and it is not just parents.

The Natural Connections Demonstration Project, by Natural England found that 92 per cent of teachers said that pupils were more engaged with learning when outdoors and 85 per cent saw a positive impact on their behaviour. Whilst 92 per cent of pupils involved in the project said they enjoyed their lessons more when outdoors, with 90 per cent feeling happier and healthier as a result.

So if it is good for parents, teachers AND children what is stopping us? Why aren’t children getting enough, however you measure it?

Clearly the answer to this is complex but it’s time to stop seeking evidence and start taking action.

This is why we think campaigns like Outdoor Classroom Day have an important role because they are about celebrating outdoor learning in a simple way that can grow to become an everyday thing.

So far 1.5 million children in 13,000 schools have taken part around the world. It is a chance to start the school year in the wildest way possible.

The next Outdoor Classroom Day to celebrate outdoor learning and play is on the 7th September and you can sign up now and get your school year off to a Wild start and deliver the kind of learning outcomes that work for schools, teachers, kids AND parents – everyone can be a winner!

Outdoor Classroom Day is a global campaign to inspire and celebrate outdoor learning and play. On the day, thousands of schools around the world take lessons outside and prioritise playtime. Join the movement today:

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