42 Days of Summer

We’ve teamed up with Smart Energy GB and TV presenter, Helen Skelton, to create ‘42 Days of Summer’ – a checklist of daily activities for you to take part in, all geared around having fun whilst saving energy.

From creating a time capsule to becoming an energy-waste detective, there is a whole host of ideas to enjoy over the holidays. Download the activity sheet below and join families up and down the country in adding more #wildtime into your day.

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Here’s a flavour of what’s in store:

42-day time capsule. See if you can put something in it for every one of the 42 days ahead to create a memory box of an unforgettable summer.

Go on a rainbow hunt. Go for a walk with your family and find something in nature from every colour of the rainbow. Take photos along the way!

Host a green-themed tea party. Serve green food and come dressed in green to celebrate our connection to nature.

Construct a marble run. How will you keep the marble moving so it makes its whacky way from start to finish? Be as imaginative as possible!

Learn some sign language. Learn how to introduce yourself – and then challenge a friend to do the same.

Make a nature mobile. Nature is your resource for materials: twigs, leaves and dried flowers will look great hanging in your home or garden.

Freeze leaves & flowers. A fun way to enjoy the beauty of flowers: freeze them in ice cubes to add a splash of colour to a glass of water. Just make sure to check with an adult that the flowers are safe to eat.

Conduct a sunlight experiment. How will plants grow in darker spaces compared to sunlit places, like on a windowsill? Choose two different environments and track your progress over the rest of the summer holidays.

Go foraging. Local woodlands are perfect for encouraging the inner forager – so go explore with an adult. If you can’t forage outside – play a foraging style scavenger hunt at home.

And one of our favourites…

Dance in the rain. Embrace the rain! Dancing in the rain is a liberating experience you are unlikely to forget.