The human right to move – Move Congress

Movement is the universal language of personal freedom

We’re excited to be partnering with ISCA on their 8th Move Congress. As part of our work in Birmingham through the Wild Labs programme we have been exploring how we can support communities to rewild themselves.

Our exploration has been of rewilding in the biggest possible sense of the word and at the heart of it is a question:

– what would it take for citizens to take a more active role in the places where they live?

What does this mean for the way that decision makers and leaders create the conditions for us all of us to more actively shape how our communities create spaces for movement, free play, community gathering, green space to nurture and much more?

As part of our role as conference partner we will be producing a track on how we can get citizens active by rewilding the city. We’ll be sharing more about our plans as they develop and hope to include as many ideas collected by you, our community as possible.

Early bird tickets are available until the end of the month so jump in fast if you want to explore with us the role of wild cities and how they can support a rewilded active childhood.