Our journey began nearly 5 years ago following the Natural Childhood Report which concluded that there were several complicated and inter-linked barriers preventing children from spending enough time outside in nature and that this is having profound impacts on their wellbeing.

The report led to a huge collaborative effort of hundreds of people and organisations committing time, energy, resources and money to help get the network where it is today.

We have developed a unique and diverse community of 30,000 people and organisations who are all in some way engaged in solving the issue. Our network is wide-ranging and disparate, including organisations working in the health, nature, education and play sectors as well as multiple creative disciplines.

We bring this collective wisdom together to solve the challenges presented to us by a range of people, including NGO partners, funders or through our community directly.

What we have achieved

Together we have developed a range of interventions and products including the following projects:


Thanks in particular to the following organisations for getting us to where we are today.

National Trust, Unilever, RSPB, Green Lions, Britdoc Foundation, Play England, NHS Sustainable Development Unit, The Woodland Trust,  The Wildlife Trusts, Arla foods, Good for Nothing, Swarm, Eden Project, Ashden Trust, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, Synchronicity Earth, Birmingham City Council.