Play eagle eyes

Hours of fun testing your eagle visions with the hide-and-seek that animals play.

A great variation on hide and seek, this game works best in a park or woodland, you’re going to need trees and bushes. It’s perfect for all ages, too.

You need to create a ‘nest’ which is the base point. The eagle stays at the base and everyone else are the rabbits. They have to make it out of hiding and get as close as possible to the nest without being seen by the eagle.

To begin, the eagle shouts, ‘Eagle eyes are closing for 30 seconds”. The mice go and hide. Then the eagle shouts, “Eagle eyes are opening” and then scans the park for the rabbits. If the eagle can see rabbits they are out and must return to the nest. When the eagle closes it eyes again, the rabbits must move, looking for the next ‘safe’ spot.

To make it harder for the prey you can reduce the time the eagle eyes are closed for. 20 seconds is hard, 10 seconds is harder still.

The eagle wins if it catches all the rabbits before they make it to the nest. The rabbits who make it to the nest without being spotted win.

Take turns as the eagle.

It’s a great game for family days out, or holiday fun, please let us know how you get on #wildtime