The Barriers – Space


Pure unbridled space to roam free and play wild has shrunk.

This impacts the physical places where Wild Time can happen as well as the emotional space left in the minds of our children to allow their wild imagination to run free.

Lets create the space for wildness to happen and lets fall in love with everyday wildness wherever we live.

Vanishing green space

Those edgelands, the bits of wildness not far from every home are vanishing fast. 

Everything built on and developed, houses, shops, fast food and offices. 

How can we safeguard green space for kids in every community? And what about the parks and common land, with services being cut here and there, how will these special places survive for our kids?

How can we protect what we have and make new spaces? 

Play INC

Money has creeped with stealth into the world of child play

Experiences and things need to be bought, treated, updated, downloaded, and get better and better each time. The natural world offers mystery, creativity and gameplay for free and in abundance. It does however require guides, mentors, catalysts and time to develop connection, relationships, wonder and awe. 

Will you be the catalyst?


Make it pink. Make it blue. Make them want it all.

The corporations are out to get the kids and they’re damn good at it. But should young kids have to deal with advertising and material pressures, and the envy and wants that it creates? All of which combine to make time outdoors feel less and less interesting. 

Let’s make outdoors shiny again.

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