The Barriers – Time


Busyness, it thrives everywhere.

We won’t let our children roam and yet in our over-stretched, over-scheduled lives too many of us have forgotten the unbridled pleasure and simplicity of Wild Time. The evidence shows that Wild Time it is vital for children to thrive, how cam we prioritise it over everything else?

Time Poor Parents

Life is busy. Time is short.

Many parents are working more and more and distributed families mean there’s less and less help with the kids. Finding time to take kids outdoors is often seen as no can do.

How can the outdoors become a friend to parents once again, giving them time and space, and keeping their children happy, healthy and entertained?

How can we make time?

Nature Starved Curriculum

Nature, apparently, is not going to help children in the global economic race

There are fewer and fewer opportunities for most children to explore the natural world through their school education journey, which is where they spend most of their young lives. How can we get the outdoors back into everyday learning? 

Will you be part of the change?

Lack of Free Range Play

Fenced in. Monitored. Regulated. 

Outdoor play is more often than not contained. Too many rules, with too many time constraints. We know that free range is better than battery. So how will the kids roam free again? 

Can we let them just… play?

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