Creative Storytelling – Wild Things


Work with us to surface and tell the stories of the pioneers in our community that give us a glimpse of a rewilded future and that can inspire us all to bring more Wild Time into our families, schools and communities.

Through a series of blogs, podcasts, photography and film we’ll find and collate stories from our diverse community with different perspectives including grassroots changemakers, parents, teachers, play workers, social activists and creatives.

We have a track-record in creative storytelling for Wild Time including our own feature length film – Project Wild Thing, seen by a global audience of 1.2 million.

Wild Things will help you:

  • Get a unique perspective and insight into the issues and the pioneering people and ideas overcoming them. You’ll understand the issues they face with fresh insight into how you could align your organisation to make a bigger impact.
  • Create amazing and unique new content with the potential to transform the whole way that communities view Wild Time. Associating your brand with this can connect you to new audiences in a deep and meaningful way.

Work with us to harness our collective creativity to shift our behaviours and create a new normal of a wild childhood for our children and our communities.

How would you like to be involved?
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