Make a journey stick

The perfect summer holiday project for your Wild Thing.

Journey sticks have been used for a long time by many native peoples around the world. The idea is that they can help you record and retelll a story / journey with items that are collected along the way.

A journey stick is a wonderful way to help your wild thing record the story of their summer, what’s more it’ll help boost their creativity, imagination and storytelling skills.

To start with, all you need is a stick (obviously!) some coloured wool and your imagination.

As you journey through the summer simply find cool things that you find on your adventures, they might be feathers, leaves – it doesn’t matter what they are, just that they mean something to you. Use the wool to attach them to your stick and keep collecting.

Don’t forget to tell the story of your summer to your family, friends and teachers.

We’d really love to hear the stories of your sticks if you have a go! #wildtime