Wild Time Learning

What is Wild Time Learning?

Wild Time Learning is an easy-to-use, web-based tool, to help teachers take learning outside. You can use it any time you like, as many days as you like, whenever you like.

The site gives you learning activities tagged against curriculum learning topics and key learning stages – all set out by time.  So, whether you want to try out an easy 10 minute activity for KS1, a one hour version or a whole day exploring data handling, writing, or investigating with KS2, there is something there for you.

Why go outside?

Studies have proven health and well-being benefits for children spending more time learning out in fresh air.  The creative stimulus of the outdoors is great, but also learning outside the classroom provides a chance to break up routine class behaviour and established class patterns, which can limit learning opportunities for some children. 

We’ve learned, through our months of testing, that when the task of getting kids outside the classroom is embraced as a learning experience, instead of a hassle that will remove teaching time, the results can be glorious. Why not try them for yourself?

Seeking forward thinkers

Wild Time Learning was developed in collaboration with Lighting Up Learning and the schools that they’re working with in Bristol as part of the Natural Connections Demonstration project. 

We need more forward-thinking schools, teachers, parents and kids to take part in the next step of Wild Time Learning. We need you to make this a success, so that we can roll it out to other schools.

Nearly 200 schools in the South West will be getting involved, but we would love more schools up and down the country to get stuck in with us.

Get started here! It’s so easy!

  • Have a look through the ideas on the site and pick a couple…
  • Go outside!
  • If you want to add any of your own, go to the website and signup to get a log-in.

Help us improve it

More than that though, we’d love it if you got more of your teachers doing it. Share your experiences; send in photos and film to us at The Wild Network.

Try Wild Time for Schools as a tool to take learning outside. We want to develop and co-create Wild Time Learning for it to become a really useful tool to help teachers take the curriculum outdoors.

Please remember,  this is still a prototype, it’s not perfect, and we need loads more activities in the future. It’s been designed with the input of some ace teachers and schools in Bristol and some amazing outdoor learning folks too. So give it a go and help us make it better, please.

Let us know what you get up to in your outdoor learning with Wild Time Learning.

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