Rewilding hero – The ‘Gangsta Gardener’

“At a young age, I realised a lot of systems were designed to keep us in line. Why should I get in a box to drive to work for an hour each way, to sit in a box, to get back in my box and drive back to go and live in my box? I started thinking: who benefits from that?”


We’re on the hunt for the people, places and ideas that are pioneering and giving a glimpse of a rewilded future.

Ron Finley is doing that – he is redefining ‘gangsta’ as being about building thriving communities, not machismo. This is exactly the work we need in the world, all power to Ron.

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Who are your rewilding heroes?

Which people, places and ideas inspire you or give you a glimpse of a rewilded future?

Please share them with us, we’d love to see more of them.

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