Playing out – make it happen in your hood

Playing Out – Rewilding communities.

The start point for a rewilded childhood is not an occasional foray into a place far from home butit comes from making a deep connection to the places we live in, our communities, our kith. This is everyday wildness.

Evidence shows that roaming distances from home have shrunk by 90% in a generation and whilst the reasons are complex, at the root of it is a reduction in the amount of time that children spend, playing out, freely in the streets where they live.

That’s why we’ve always been massive fans of the work of Playing Out who are doing great work to change this

Last month they reached a massive milestone and now over 500 streets (501 if you’re counting) have played out in 40 towns and cities.

If we’re going to make playing out the norm again we’re going to need many more streets to get involved – the good news is that they have pulled together a really simple 4-step process so that you can do it too. 

Please do get involved – its the bedrock of a rewilded world for our kid.

For our part we want to find ways of working with decision makers in towns and cities as part of our Wild Labs project to rethink how we design cities so that free play outside becomes even easier and a normal for all children, everywhere.