Will you take part in World Ocean Day for Schools?

Dive in. Discover. Celebrate. Kickstart a conversation in your school wherever you are on World Ocean Day. June 7th, 2019.

World Ocean Day for Schools launched for the first time last year. The reaction was fantastic, over 400 schools across the country took part, hosting blue assemblies and dressing up as marine creatures.

We are excited to be back! And we’re planning to bring you much more. We’re on a mission to build a better and deeper experience, one that will again play host to a school toolkit of the best curriculum linked resources, including exciting new lesson materials, fun activities and event ideas for your school to use, so that children learn more about the ocean and their connection. It has been made in partnership with leading organisations that share our love of the ocean, rivers and estuaries.  

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Ps. Did you know that every second breath you take is oxygen generated by the Ocean? Or that when it’s raining in the UK, it’s quite likely come from the Ocean? Or that the Ocean is 10,972 metres deep?